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  • All inclusive backup of
    operating systems,
    device drivers &
  • FREE Software
    (includes 100’s of Tools!)
Welcome to Kleo Bare Metal Backups for Servers.

With Kleo, you can now create all inclusive backups of your customers servers. Saves 100s of hours tracking down original CD’s or obsolete device drives. Kleo enables you to recover from server failure without the need of any other software.

Comes with the Carroll-Net Server Recovery Kit. It includes hundreds of specialized server recovery tools. With it you can rescue failed servers, recover lost passwords and troubleshoot boot up problems.

And best of all – it’s completely free! It makes the perfect addition to any computer technicians tool bag. Make as many copies as you like, even leave copies with your customers, or share with friends or colleagues.

Reliable & Complete Bare Metal Backups for your customer’s servers
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